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3 - SIM Zero (1 month) - Pay monthly

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Add 3 - SIM Zero (1 month) - Pay monthly to comparison

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  • Andrew
    2012 December 16, 00:13

    Fantastic information. Never knew about the Zero sim, or the top-up! Will certainly come in handy for a project of mine.

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  • Mark
    2010 October 25, 23:00

    If you send zillions of texts this is not for you. But if you want to run your iPhone 4 for £5 per month for 2GB of data (by opting in to a unlimited data add-on for £5), with on-line statement and no top-up hassels then this could be for you. There is no cheaper way to run an iPhone. I even make call to land-lines numbers via Skype ('cos the Skype dial-out cost is approx 1p per min) so no charge from three for these. Free VM and free 0800 (I think). And the iPhone 4 lets you leave Skype connected so no hassel than before they gave us multi-tasking. Oh, almost forgot, you can configure your Skype account so that when you ring-out, the number they receiver see's is your MOBILE number so they will recognise you as the caller!

    What I hate about traditional contracts that charge say £15 per month for calls, text and data, is that they still do not include premium numbers, roaming when abroad and even charge you for voice mail. Net effect, you ALWAYS end up always paying more than 15. With Sim Zero (plus £5 data), you know your monthly charge can easily be under a tenner, even if you have popped over to Europe, texted the xfactor and rung an 0870 number! WIth unlimited data at 3G speeds. What's not to like? If you don't like it, 30 days to cancel! I will be running my iPad (if I get one) on one of these too. Note three will happily provide you a mini SIM or micro sim sized card. The only catch is that it MUST be used in a 3G device so not the original ("2G") iPhone, for example.

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