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Vertu Ascent

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Vertu Ascent

1.0 (based on 1 vote and 1 review)
Vertu Ascent Vertu Ascent Vertu Ascent Vertu Ascent Vertu Ascent Vertu Ascent



  • 2G: Europe & USA ( GSM 900Mhz/ GSM 1800Mhz/ GSM 1900Mhz )
  • Type: Phone
  • Form: Monoblock
  • Announced: 04/04/2004
  • Dimension: 108x44x22 mm
  • Weight: 173 g

Primary display

  • Type: TFT
  • Touchscreen: No


  • Type: Li-Ion
  • Capacity: 780 mAh
  • Stand by time: 150 h
  • Talk time: 4 h



  • HSCSD: No
  • GPRS: 10 GPRS class: 4 downlink + 2 uplink, at one moment up to 5 channels
  • 3G(UMTS): No
  • 3.5G(HSDPA): No
  • 3.5G(HSUPA): No
  • Wi-fi:No


  • USB: No
  • IRDA: No
  • Bluetooth: v1.2
  • NFC: No

Messaging and mail

  • EMS: No
  • SMS: Yes
  • MMS: Yes
  • E-mail: Yes


  • Games: Yes
  • Calendar: Yes
  • Alarm Clock: Yes
  • Calculator: Yes
  • Browser: v2.0
  • GPS: No

Audio and video

  • FM Radio: No
  • Audio playback: MIDI

Latest 1 review

  • Paolo B
    2011 January 17, 10:25

    A stylish & bulletproof phone.
    The case is made out of Titanium and trimmed in hand stitched leather. The scratch resistant screen is made of sapphire crystal (the same that protect the movement of Rolex watches). The phone is heavy and sturdy.
    This is a PHONE, not a toy for teenagers to tweet, facebook and web surf. It is for people who actually want to use an electronic device to TALK (what a novel idea!).
    It does have web capabilities. But it lacks a lot of utility, as there is no GPS to allow for the use of mapping/directional applications. The web feature is for casual users.
    The "layers" of the menus are not configured in any logical manner. Awkward to use and navigate.
    There is no web page interface for users to configure their phone, email, contacts, etc., and download them to the phone.
    The support & sync software is all formatted for PC's. They do not support MAC or Linux - a dumb move, as they easily could have just developed a browser based interface.
    The memory is built in and it cannot be increased (no memory card).
    The sim card is easily accessed for exchanging (international travelers).
    This phone is not designed to be a disposable phone, rather it can be upgraded as technology improves.
    A Version 1 to Version 3 update, cost me $1100. $300 was just for laser etching a new label inside of the phone!!
    Accessories are only available through VERTU dealers, as the connection to the phone is proprietary (no generic charger available at WalMart!).
    Their wall charges are poorly designed, as the cord has a twist cam lock into the voltage transformer. The cams are tiny little plastic pins that quickly get mashed & broken - there goes a $300 charger!
    Batteries are 10X the going market rate, but smart owners quickly figure out that some Nokia batteries will fit.
    This phone should last anyone a lifetime.
    But, there was not a lot of thought placed into the ability to upgrade, navigate and interface with it.
    VERTU shafts their owners at every turn with over priced accessories, limited web access, no after purchase support, and they lack easy interface menus.

    VERTU dropped the ball on this one!

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