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T-mobile G1 reviews

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T-mobile G1

5.5 (based on 10 votes and 5 reviews)
T-mobile G1 T-mobile G1

The T-Mobile G1 is the first mobile phone to support the Google Android operating system and so has earned the nickname the Google phone. The G1 Dream is a touch screendevice which slides to reveal a full QWERTY keyboard. The G1 has full support for Google online services such as Gmail (with push support), YouTube, Google Maps with Street View and Google's own Android Market which offers third-party applications over-the-air. Also included is a 3.2 Megapixel camera, Wi-Fi and HSDPA connectivity, a built in GPS receiver and Bluetooth as well as expandable memory.

5 reviews

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  • CWC
    2015 August 11, 13:36

    A good phone for it's time - had to swap it out for a G2 because I ran out of space/ - now swapping out my G2 for a Samsung galaxy S6 - for the same reason. Both phones still running fine, I just ran out of space - this tells me I've made a good choice in phones but technology necessitated me buying a new one (as opposed to the phone going bad)

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  • dr3am
    2010 April 16, 18:06

    I love this phone...the only issue i have is dropped calls...but other than that..itsits the shiz!!!

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  • scream!
    2009 June 16, 10:56

    There is no video calling for G1.. :(

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  • Eve
    2009 June 14, 09:46

    G1 has some major problems:
    a)It has bluetooth, but it supports only headset.
    b) very poor battery life.
    If you accepts these terms, then you can buy this phone.

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  • crazyBoy
    2009 June 11, 10:42

    What can you tell my about this phone?

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