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Sony Ericsson W705 reviews

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Sony Ericsson W705

7.2 (based on 32 votes and 4 reviews)
Sony Ericsson W705 Sony Ericsson W705 Sony Ericsson W705

We knew the W705 as the Rika when it was leaked onto the Internet back in September 2008 where it was instantly dismissed as a Walkman version of the uninspiring G705 GPS mobile. Now we have the official announcement out of the way - it was the final Sony Ericsson to be unveiled in 2008 - and the release date is upon us we can see this initial reaction sold the W705 short as it's a little more than a G705 in a pretty dress!Why You Should Buy the W705!It's a gorgeous brushed aluminium bodi

4 reviews

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  • Pillai
    2011 January 24, 23:19

    I've had this phone since it was released in Oz - mid or late-2008.

    The video/still camera quality is nothing to write home about. It's pretty average, with a 3.1MP cam, and the zoom doesn't work in all modes. The flash is useful as a torchlight, but doesn't give you much in terms of image quality.

    If you want a camera phone with a GOOD camera, go Cybershot or whatever.

    This phone is tough. Has handled a million and one falls. the silver 'w' logo in the front came off after a month, but otherwise, build quality is quite good, although inherently, slides are not as tough as bricks.

    It's a great walkman! No kidding, my phone came with 4GB of storage from Telstra, and I've used it to connect to the internet. The browser is surprisingly efficient.

    ....and 3G/HSDPA connection quality is quite good. Signal holding capabilities are quite good.

    This is a great walkman, a handy net-browser/modem and a great phone.

    It looks quite classy and even a bit retro when I put it on the table at business meetings (compared to those clunky iPhones and new-age touch screens that people can barely hold properly for fear of cracking the screens-lol)

    But it's not a camera...period!

    Hope this helps.

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  • harsha
    2010 June 22, 07:21

    iz w705 is symbian phone...
    python is compatible with it..??

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  • akku
    2010 April 30, 09:57

    what is the phones price in UAE? and does it hav a flash?

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  • akhil
    2010 March 14, 15:02

    is sony ericsson w705 is a symbian phone

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