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Sony Ericsson S312 reviews

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Sony Ericsson S312

6.0 (based on 10 votes and 1 review)
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1 review

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  • Jeremy
    2010 March 11, 19:17

    This is, without a doubt, the worst mobile I have ever owned! I've had it just 1 month and it is already on Ebay...ending tonight, in fact and I can't wait to see the back of it. It is very slow to respond to keys, it freezes regularly and lacks basic features that are found on much older and lesser models. For example, there is no way of turning off the annoying start-up jingle. Taking photos is a nightmare; it stores them in the phone in a completely random fashion (i.e. NOT the order you took them in) and doesn't allow you to name the pic before you save it, so it's then very difficult to find your picture. Picture quality is also lousy for a 2.0 megapixel. Also, when you send a text, it asks you no less than THREE times if you're sure! For crying out loud, isn't TWICE more than enough?? Still on texting; when composing a text and one comes through, it just interrupts, instead of waiting til you finish the one you're doing! There are other annoying features to this phone that I could go on about, but the bottom line is this: for the money, there are MANY far superior phones available.Trust me...DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE!

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