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Samsung Classico (S7350) reviews

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Samsung Classico (S7350)

5.3 (based on 52 votes and 7 reviews)
Samsung Classico (S7350) Samsung Classico (S7350)

7 reviews

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  • Janz
    2012 May 03, 13:36

    Worst phone I've ever had and I deliberately chose a Samsung because my past phones have been excellent.

    Temperamental when receiving calls - call often gets dropped due to slow performance.
    Difficult to access basic controls like speaker, keypad (which is especially annoying if engaged in a multiple choice phone call).

    Very poor storage capacity.

    No free graphics or icons.

    I have given the star for the music which accompanies one of the games.

    If you value progressive communication, don't get one of these phones!!!

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  • barb
    2010 August 02, 23:23

    good, smart phone, easy to use. Wasn't overly impressed by any features. The screen seems totally crap as it's already broken, I've never had a broken screen on any of my phones, Don't know how its broken as I certainly didn't drop it. To conclude, the screen seems ridiculously sernsitive and is going to cost £30+ to repair.

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  • goga
    2009 September 01, 01:27

    rubbish no gps

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  • yamum
    2009 August 13, 05:24

    bought it just an hour ago and its already broken a didnt even touch it.maybe its coz it fell outta the box but hey it landed on my cat.

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  • Happy
    2009 June 18, 08:31

    It's very nice phone with every thing i need. I'm very happy with it! 10!

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  • The Beast
    2009 June 16, 18:28

    There is no GPS guys, you have to buy the lisense from Garmin!!!!!!!

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  • Annonymous
    2009 June 16, 09:26

    Hi, just bought it yesterday.
    The phone is great, but it would be better if samsung add wi-fi on it.
    The main disadvantages are:
    1. The headset jack is easy to plug, but is very difficult to remove it. It's almost unreal to remove it.
    2. It is hard to replace battery.

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