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Nokia 2680 Slide reviews

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Nokia 2680 Slide

4.4 (based on 27 votes and 1 review)
Nokia 2680 Slide Nokia 2680 Slide

The Nokia 2680 Slide is a small and stylish phone. The 2680 Slide features a digital camera which is perfect for quick photos when you're out and about. The Nokia 2680 also has a built in FM radio and MP3 player with 32MB of onboard memory for storing your tunes. With great user friendly features such as Bluetooth, an organiser, built in calculator and built in handsfree, the Nokia 2680 Slide is a great all rounder.

1 review

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  • Mo
    2011 June 23, 11:32

    I have used this phone for a bit a few years ago, without a cable - unfortunately all my info is stuck on it without being ale to back it up even on my bluetooth enabled laptop. I dont recommend anyone buys a phone they cant back up.

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