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LG Viewty Snap (GM360) reviews

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LG Viewty Snap (GM360)

6.2 (based on 19 votes and 4 reviews)
LG Viewty Snap (GM360) LG Viewty Snap (GM360) LG Viewty Snap (GM360)

4 reviews

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  • hokage
    2010 September 23, 15:09

    if i will buy a new memory card (4 gb)and change the 1 gb of the phone will it make the camera zoom work?

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  • Zoe
    2010 August 17, 01:27

    Got this phone in august its a very good phone easy to use but i can not get the camera zoom to work any sugestions.

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  • andy
    2010 August 12, 19:47

    I like this phone a lot, good camera, looks good and is very easy to use. One problem is that the internal memory is very bad. So i bought a 4GB microSD card for about £7.50 (very good deal) and now i don't know where to put it. Does anyone know?
    And if you do, please send me an email about it...

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  • Mr Brewster
    2010 July 03, 00:17

    I bought the LG Viewty Snap, because the reviews where very good about it. Having reqiured it, and being my first touch phone liked it very much. Easy to use nothing complicated, the only downfall was the camera zoom. I read that it has a very good zoom this is true, but when using anything over 1mg pixels the zoom does not work, very disapointing. But overall im happy with it. The zoom works well in the video mode.

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