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BlackBerry Storm2 9520 reviews

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BlackBerry Storm2 9520

6.7 (based on 28 votes and 4 reviews)
BlackBerry Storm2 9520 BlackBerry Storm2 9520

4 reviews

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  • Walter Atkins
    2010 August 03, 15:59

    For everyone who is about to unlock:- My cousin was about to hard lock his Nokia X3 by trying with wrong codes recently. We talked to our carriers first but they had certain conditions to give one that was not met by us. They warned not to go for free codes.

    Later came across several forums and free codes, in fact fake codes [email protected]#$S.. And finally gave a chance by spending just 9.8$. Thank god and for them who helped us with suggestions. Beware of "free fake" codes anyways. Now before choosing one, compare the prices b/w couple of providers and pick the best. If possible bargain ;)

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  • michael
    2010 July 14, 18:08

    hi, please tell me the price of this precious phone,

    how much is this phone here in manila?

    09155321248 just text here the price. thnks

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  • rajesh parekh
    2010 June 22, 15:15

    it is very nice phone and i liked it

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  • kanumuri
    2010 April 15, 17:24

    it is very nice

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