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Mymobiles.com takes privacy issues very seriously. Submission of personal information is not required in order to browse this website. We use Google analytics only to analyze demographic and traffic information of our visitors. This doesn't include personal data.

We do not collect such personal information as addresses, telephone numbers or credit card numbers of our visitors. We collect names and e-mail addresses if visitor writes a review, register on forum or/and subscribes to receive details to our special deals. This information is not visible anywhere on our website. Visitors can always unsubscribe or/and close the accounts. We fully respect our visitors' privacy and all information that visitors submit are protected by our security system and will never be shared or/and sold to the third parties.

IP adress

An IP address is a number automatically assigned to the computer whenever the user accesses the Internet. This IP number do not identify user's name or other personal data, but it provides demographic information (recognizes the exact location, for ex. State or Country). We collect IP addresses only for statistical purpose and site traffic evaluation. In addition, it will help to detect problems with our server. These IP addresses will never be released or shared with the third parties.


A cookie is a bit of information that is sent by server to a web browser. This information is stored in the computer's hard drive by web browser. When user visits any website, computer server will use cookie in order to insure a secure connection. Take into consideration that most browsers accept cookies automatically unless user set up browser to prevent accept cookies. We set cookies for statistics and in order to analyze the traffic. Mymobiles.com do not set cookies, which will identify users' browsing habits. You can choose to refuse cookies, but then website might not work properly.